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Golf Terms Beginning with the Letter "A"

Ace-- A hole-in-one. A golf hole completed in only one stroke, typically a par three.

Address-- The stance of a golfer preparing to hit the ball. A golfer's position in relationship to the golf ball.

Aggregate Score-- A golfer's total score from multiple rounds of play in a tournament. Also, the total score of a team of golfers playing together.

Air Shot-- When a golfer intends to hit the ball, misses the ball completely and hits nothing but air. Also known as a whiff or whiff shot.

Albatross-- An old British term for "Double Eagle". A double eagle occurs when a golfer makes a score of 3 below par on a given hole.

Alternate Ball-- Golf game format in which players on the same team take turns, or "alternate", hitting shots.

Amateur-- A golfer who does not play formally for money.

Angle of Approach-- The angle at which a golfer's club moves toward the ball at address.

Approach Shot-- A shot played into a green; typically with an iron or wedge.

Apron-- The area with slightly taller grass immediately adjacent to the putting surface on the green. Also known as the fringe.

Attack-- Playing a golf hole or shot in an aggressive fashion.

Attend the Flag-- Holding a flag (pin) while a fellow player putts and removing the flag after the ball has been struck and as it approaches the cup.

Away-- The player who's ball is furthest from the pin. Typically, the "away" player will hit his/her shot first.

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