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Golf Terms Beginning with the Letter "R"

R & A-- Nickname for the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews the most famous of all golf courses.

rake-- An old term for an iron with a very high loft that was used to hit from the sand or water.

range-- Designated hitting area at a golf club used for practice shots and to warm up before a round.

rap-- To firmly strike a putt or other golf shot.

reading the green-- Examining a green to determine the force and direction to putt the golf ball. Factors that are often considered include the direction and severity of slopes on the green, the grain of the grass, and the overall speed of the green.

recover-- To hit one's ball out of trouble.

regular shaft-- A golf club shaft with a standard amount of flex.

release-- The time in a golf swing where a golfer uncocks his/her wrists.

rim-- The area on the top edge of the cup.

rim out-- When a putt or other golf shot rolls along or around or across the rim top edge of the cup but does not fall in the hole.

road hole-- The very difficult, famous 17th hole at St. Andrews.

rough-- Long grass lining the fairway and often surrounding the tee boxes and greens. Designed to penalize an inaccurate golfer and make it difficult to hit.

round-- A complete golf game. Typically 18 holes.

rub of the green-- Bad luck on the golf course.

run-- The distance a golf ball travels from where it initially lands.

running iron-- An iron used for making short shots with a lot of roll.

run-up-- A type of approach shot that is intended to roll a fair distance on the fairway and/or green.

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