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Golf Terms Beginning with the Letter "L"

lag-- A putt that is hit very softly in order to make sure it doesn't run to far past the hole. Typically hit on a downward sloping putt and/or a very fast green.

lateral hazard-- A hazard that runs parallel to the line of play.

lay up-- To intentionally play a shot to a shorter distance than one could hit to play more conservatively and/or to set oneself up for the next shot.

layout-- The overall design of a golf course.

leaderboard-- A physical sign or electronic display that shows the scores of the top players in a tournament. Also, a listing of the leading players in a particular tournament.

lie-- The location where a golf ball sits after it is hit. Lies are described as good or bad. A good lie might be in the middle of the fairway on flat ground. A bad or poor lie might be in tall, thick rough. Factors which affect the lie include the slope of the ground (direction and severity), the length and type of grass, and other factors including whether or not the ball is in a divot.

line-- The intended path of a golf shot.

line up-- To determine the intended path of a golf shot prior to hitting it.

links-- A term used to describe a seaside course. Also, a golf course.

linksman-- A golfer.

lip-- The top edge of a cup.

lob shot-- A soft wedge shot hit with a high trajectory.

local rules-- Rules determined for a course by its members.

loft-- The amount of angle on a club face from vertical. Also, the height to which a golf shot is hit.

lofter-- An old club with a lot of loft that was the predecessor of the Niblick.

long game-- Part of a golfers game that includes shots hit with drivers and low irons.

long irons-- Irons with relatively little loft that typically hit the ball a fairly long distance. Such clubs include the 1, 2, and 3 irons.

loose impediments-- Natural objects that are not growing or fixed to the ground. Often, loose impediments can be moved from around a golfer's ball as long as the ball does not move.

LPGA-- Acronym for Ladies Professional Golf Association. The LPGA is the body that sanctions and oversees most professional tournaments for female golfers in the United States.

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