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Golf Terms Beginning with the Letter "C"

caddie (also caddy)-- Individual who carries a player's clubs and advises him/her on distances, suggested shots and local course intricacies.

caddie master-- Individual in charge of the caddies.

caddie-car-- A golf cart.

Calamity Jane-- Nickname for Bobby Jones' putter. Putters similar to his with a hickory shaft and a bladed head or also called Calamity Janes.

can-- Slang for the hole or the cup.

card-- Short for scorecard, the piece of paper provided by the course on which a player records his/her score. Also, used as a verb to mean "record a score of". For example, he carded a 78 yesterday!".

carpet-- Slang for the green or fairway.

carry-- Distance a golf ball travels in the air before striking the ground.

cart-- A small gas or electric car used to carry golfers and their clubs around the course. Also, a two or three-wheeled device pulled around the golf course by a walking golfer upon which his/her golf bag is strapped.

casual water-- Water that has accumulated on the course temporarily that is not part of an official water hazard. Players may typically lift and drop their balls out of casual water without incurring a penalty stroke.

center shafted-- Type of putter in which the shaft is fixed to the center of the putter blade.

charge-- A sudden burst of exceptional play. As in, "Ernie Els is really charging! He has birdied 4 of the last 5 holes."

chart the course-- Walk a course to determine hole distances, hazards and get a feel for the overall layout.

chili-dip-- When a golfer accidentally strikes the ground before the ball and hits a weak lofted shot.

chip shot-- A short approach shot hit into a green.

chip-and-run-- A short approach shot designed to travel in the air for a distance and then to roll (run) up on the green.

chip in-- A chip shot that is hit into the hole.

choke-up-- To grip a club closer to the head, further down the grip.

chop-- Striking the ball with a short, hacking motion.

closed stance-- At address, when the player's foot nearest to the target is positioned in front of the other (not parallel).

cleats-- Metal, plastic or rubber spikes on the bottom of golf shoes designed to provide the golfer with solid, stable footing during his/her golf shot.

closed face-- When the hitting surface of the club is turned to the left of the target line or to the left of the normal position (to the right for a left-handed golfer).

club-- Piece of golf equipment consisting mainly of a shaft, a grip and a club head used to strike the ball around the golf course.

clubhead-- The metal or wood portion of the club located at the end of the shaft used to actually hit (make contact with) the golf ball.

clubhouse-- Primary building at a golf course typically housing the pro shop, restaurant/snack bar, restrooms, etc.

cock-- Bending the wrists backwards during the backswing.

collar-- The slighly higher grass surrounding the green immediately adjacent to the putting surface.

come back shot-- A shot hit back towards the hole after the previous shot was hit too far.

committee-- Term used for the individuals running a particular golf event.

compression-- Temporary distortion of a ball's shape at the moment the ball is being struck.

condor-- A score of four under par on a hole.

control shot-- Golf shot struck with less than full power.

core-- The center portion of the golf ball.

course-- The area used to play golf which consists of tees, fairways, greens, sand traps and other hazards.

course rating-- A relative measure of the difficulty of a golf course used to compare the difficulty of different courses.

cross-bunker-- A sand trap that runs across the fairway.

cross-handed grip-- A type of golf grip where a right handed golfer's left hand is below his right hand (this is reversed for a left-handed golfer).

cup-- A cylindrical sleeve with a round opening on top that holds the flagstick on the green.

cut-- The required golf score needed to continue play in a golf tournament. In professional golf the cut is typically made after 36 holes (or two days) of play.

cut shot-- A type of golf shot that typically results in a ball landing and stopping on the green almost immediately.

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