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Golf Terms Beginning with the Letter "F"

face-- The hitting surface of a clubhead.

fade-- A slight left to right flight path on a golf shot for a right-handed player. For a left-handed player the path would be slightly right to left.

fairway-- The primary playing area on a golf hole with short grass that lies between the tee box and the green.

fairway wood-- A wood or metal wood other than the driver. Fairway woods have more loft on them so it is possible to a hit a ball lying in the fairway or in a decent lie with them.

fan-- To attempt to hit a golf shot and miss the ball entirely.

fat shot-- A mishit golf shot in which the ground is struck before the ball causing the shot to come up short of its intended target.

featherie/feathery-- An old type of golf ball used prior to about 1850 made with compressed feathers inside of a leather cover.

fescue-- A type of grass used mainly as rough on a golf course.

field-- All of the golfers who play in a particular tournament.

five-iron-- An iron with more loft than a 4-iron but less loft than a 6-iron. A man will typically hit a five iron from 145-190 yards. Also referred to as a mashie.

five-wood-- A five-wood (or five metal) is a lofted wood that can be hit from the fairway or the rough that typically hits the ball 185-225 yards.

flag-- Square or rectangular cloth or nylon material located at the top of the pin on a green. Some flags are different colors to indicate to the golfer where the flag is located on the green. Flags may also be used to indicate the direction and velocity of wind near the green.

flagstick-- A removable, flexible pole with a flag attached on the top that indicates the location of the hole on the green.

flange-- The surface on the sole or bottom of the clubhead.

flash trap-- A small, shallow sandtrap.

flex-- The amount of stiffness of a golf club shaft.

flier-- A golf shot that is hit with less spin than normal (or mishit) causing the ball to travel further than usual.

flier lie-- A good lie in the rough. Such a lie typically causes less spin on the ball causing the ball to travel further than expected.

flight-- A grouping of players in a golf tournament. Golfers with similar golf skills or golf handicaps will normally be placed in the same flight to make them competitive.

flip shot-- A short golf shot with a high arc played with a highly lofted club.

flub-- A mishit golf shot typically caused by striking the ground with the clubface before hitting the golf ball.

fluffy lie-- A ball that is sitting up in the grass especially the rough.

follow-through-- The portion of the golf swing after the ball has been hit.

fore-- A warning message shouted by a golfer who has just hit a shot to let other golfers know an incoming golf ball is headed towards them.

forecaddie-- An individual who will locate and/or mark the position of a golfer's ball.

four ball-- A golf game format where two 2-person teams compete against each other using the one best score from each side.

four-iron-- An iron with slightly more loft than a 3-iron, but slightly less than a 5-iron.

four-wood-- A wood or metal wood with slightly more loft than a 3-wood, but less than a 5-wood. Also referred to as a spoon.

foursome-- A golf term for four golfers playing together in a group. Also a golf game whereby two players play against another two players with each side playing one ball.

free drop-- A drop where no penalty stroke is charged.

fried-egg-- A lie in a bunker in which a good portion of the ball is buried in the sand.

fringe-- The area of slightly higher grass immediately adjacent to the putting surface of a green.

frog hair-- Nickname for the fringe.

front side-- The first nine golf holes on an 18-hole course.

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