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Golf Terms Beginning with the Letter "H"

hack-- To chop violently at the ball. To make bad shots. To play bad golf.

hacker-- A poor golfer. Same as "duffer"

half-- Used in match play when score is tied on a hole. Each side credited with a half.

half shot-- A shot executed with less than a full swing.

halved-- A golf match that ends in a tie. Typically both teams will split the points normally awarded to the match winner. A hole may also be halved when each team finishes it with the same score.

handicap-- The number of shots a golfer may deduct from his score at the end of a round for comparison purposes. A handicap is used to calculated and used to allow golfers of differing levels to compete together in a fairly competitive game. A golfer's handicap is based on several factors but in simple terms it is basically equivalent to the average number of strokes above par that a golfer scores for a complete round over time.

handicap certificate-- A written document issued by a player's golf club or by a golf association that shows his/her current handicap.

hanging lie-- A golf ball which sits on a downhill slope.

hazard-- A sand trap, high rough, or area of water on a golf course intended to make a golf hole more difficult.

head-- The area of the golf club used to strike the golf ball.

heel-- The area of the club head closest to the golf shaft.

hickory-- A type of hard wood used to make club shafts at the beginning of the 19th century through the 1920's.

hit-- To strike the golf ball. Also, a shot.

hog's back-- A ridge of ground on a golf course.

hold-- A ball that remains very close to where it landed on the green and has very little bounce or roll. Also a struck ball that remains on the green.

hole-- The cup on a putting green into which a golfer attempts to hit the golf ball to complete a hole. The hole is round and measures 4 1/4" (108 mm) in diameter. Also, to hit a putt, chip or other shot into the cup thereby successfully completing a golf hole. Also, a part of a golf course typically consisting of a tee, fairway, and green. There are 18 holes on a standard golf course.

hole high-- A golf shot hit a distance roughly equivalent to where the hole on the green is but off to the left or right.

hole in one-- A golf hole completed in one stroke. Also known as an ace.

hole out-- To finish a golf hole by hitting the ball into the cup. Also, to hit a chip shot or other shot from off the green into the cup.

home green-- The green on the final hole of a golf course..

home pro-- A local golf club professional that works at a local golf club and typically plays only in local events. Also known as a local pro.

honor-- The right to tee off first on a particular golf hole. The golfer with the lowest score on the most recent hole gets the honor. If the scores were equivalant on the last hole, then the golfer with the lowest score on the previous hole gets the honor, etc. The honor is usually assigned or drawn at random for the first hole.

hook-- For a right-handed player, to hit the ball so that its flight path curves from the right to the left (or from left to right for a left-handed player) in a pronounced manner.

hosel-- The hollow portion of a club head where the shaft is inserted and fastened.

hustler-- A golfer who has a high golf handicap on purpose in order to gain an advantage in a golf match.

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