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Golf Terms Beginning with the Letter "M"

make the cut-- To post a cumulative score low enough to make it to the final round or rounds of a golf tournament. In many professional men's events in which four rounds are played, the cut is made after the first two rounds.

mallet-- A putter that with a large, thick head.

marker-- A small, flat object such as a coin placed on a green to indicate where a player's ball came to rest and must be replaced prior to putting it.

markers-- Objects used on the tee box to show where a player may tee off. A player must not tee off outside of or in front of the tee markers.

marshal-- An individual appointed by the tournament committee to oversee the gallery and the golfers.

mashie-- A lofted iron club introduced in the 1880's that is no longer in use. Used for pitching with backspin. A nickname for a 5-iron.

matched set-- Clubs made by the same manufacturer from the same materials and design.

match play-- A type of golf competition where each hole is counted as a separate contest. The team or player who wins the most holes is the winner regardless of the overall number of strokes played.

medalist-- The golfer with the lowest score in a tournament.

medal play-- Also known as stroke play, a type of golf competition where the player that completes the tournament in the fewest overall strokes wins.

mid-iron-- A middle iron such as a 3, 4 or 5 iron.

misclub-- To incorrectly hit the wrong club for a certain distance causing the ball to go long or short of the intended target.

misread-- To incorrectly calculate the necessary speed or break of a putt.

mixed foursome-- A group of four golfers with a male and a female on each team.

muff-- To badly mishit a golf shot.

mulligan-- A term for a second, free shot hit without penalty after the first one has been hit poorly in a casual golf game.

municipal course-- A golf course owned by a local city or municipality that is typically available for play by everyone. Conversely, a private course may often by played only by its members or invited guests.

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