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Golf Terms Beginning with the Letter "N"

Nassau-- A bet with three parts including separate bets on the first nine, last nine and total score.

neck-- The tapered area of a club where the shaft meets the clubhead.

net score-- A golfer's score after he/she subtracts his/her handicap.

niblick-- An old term for a deep-bladed club used to play from the sand and the rough. Roughly equivalent to a modern 9 iron.

nine-- The front or back portion of a golf course. Such as the "front nine" or the "back nine".

nine iron-- Type of club with a lofted metal or composite clubface which typically hits a high, lofted shot of 110 to 140 yards.

nineteenth hole-- Nickname for the bar in the golf clubhouse.

nose-- The toe portion on a wooden club.

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