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Golf Terms Beginning with the Letter "G"

gallery-- Spectators at a golf tournament.

gimme-- A short putt that is expected to be holed. Typically a gimme putt will be conceded by an opponent.

golf-- A game in which a player hits a small ball from the tee box into the cup on the putting green on each hole in as few strokes as possible by striking the ball with clubs to propel it.

golf glove-- Typically made of leather, a glove which a golfer wears to provide him/her with better grip. Typically a right-handed golfer will wear a golf glove on his/her left hand and vice-versa.

goose-neck-- A club with a curved neck on the shaft causing the heel to be offset from the line of the shaft.

gorse-- A wiry, tough shrub primarily found on links type courses. It is a spiny evergreen with bright yellow flowers. Also known as whin.

grain-- The direction that the grass is laying on a green. The grain influences the speed and break of a put.

Grand Slam-- The four major golf championships including the U.S. Open, the British Open, the PGA Championship and the Masters. Winning all four major tournaments in the same year.

graphite-- A strong, lightweight material used to make golf shafts and clubheads.

green-- The putting surface which contains the cup and the flagstick.

green committee-- Golf club members who oversee the maintenance and management of the golf course.

green fee-- Amount charged for the right to play a round of golf.

green jacket-- Ceremonial prize awarded to the winner of the Masters golf tournament. Presented by the previous winner.

greenskeeper-- Golf club employee in charge of course maintenance.

greenside-- Near the putting green. For example, greenside bunker.

grip-- The top part of a golf club at the opposite end from the clubface where the golfer holds the club. Golf grips are typically covered in leather or another synthetic material. Also, the way in which a golfer actually holds or "grips" a golf club.

groove-- The impressions on a clubface that provide spin to a golf ball when it is struck.

gross score-- The actual number of golf strokes a player takes before factoring in his/her golf handicap.

grounding the club-- Allowing the clubhead to touch the ground behind the ball at address. Grounding the club in certain circumstances such as in a sand trap will incur a penalty.

ground under repair-- Any designated area on a golf course which is marked as such. Typically a ball which lands in an area marked as ground under repair may be dropped without incurring a penalty.

gutta percha-- A hard, molded substance used to make early golf balls. Gutta percha balls were used from approximately 1850 until the early 1900's.

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