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Golf Terms Beginning with the Letter "T"

takeaway-- The initial part of the golf swing in which the club is moved backwards away from the ball.

tap in-- An easy, very short putt.

tee-- A small wooden or plastic peg used to elevate one's ball when teeing off. Also, the name for the designated area where a player may hit his/her initial shot on a given hole.

tee off-- To hit the initial shot on a given golf hole from the tee box area.

tee up-- The act of placing a golf ball on a tee in order to tee off on a hole.

tee-shot-- The initial shot on a golf hole played from the tee box.

teeing ground-- Also known as the tee box, the designated area in which a golfer hits his/her initial shot on a golf hole.

temporary green-- A green that is in use only temporarily while work on the actual green is performed.

texas wedge-- Nickname for a putter when it is used from off the green.

thin-- Striking the top portion of the ball typically resulting in a poor shot.

three ball-- A golf game in which three players play against one another.

three-iron-- An iron with a relatively flat face that typically hits the ball 160-200 yards for a male player. Nickname a mid-mashie.

three-putt-- To take three putts on a green to hole out.

three-quarter shot-- A shot hit at less than full power with approximately a 3/4 swing arc.

threesome-- A grouping of three golfers playing together.

three-wood-- A club with a wooden head that typically hits the ball between 190-250 yards for a male player. Sometimes referred to as a spoon.

tiger tee-- A slang term for the back tee (most difficult).

tight fairway-- A narrow fairway.

toe-- Portion of the clubhead that extends away furthest from the club shaft.

toed in-- A clubhead that has a face rotated slighly to the left for a right-handed golfer and vice-versa for a left handed golfer.

top-- To mishit the golf ball on the top portion of the ball typically causing a poor, low shot that ends up short of the target.

topspin-- Forward spin on a ball in the direction of the flight path.

touch-- Feel and accuracy for hitting golf shots.

touch shot-- A type of golf shot that requires great feel and accuracy.

tour-- The series of professional golf tournaments.

tournament-- A golf competition in which many golfers compete.

trajectory-- The arcing path a golf ball travels when hit.

triple bogey-- A term used to describe a score of 3 over par on a given golf hole.

trouble shot-- A golf shot hit from a precarious position such as from high rough, a deep sand trap, or behind a tree.

turn-- The start of the second 9 hole portion of an 18 hole golf course.

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