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Golf Terms Beginning with the Letter "S"

sandbagger-- A golfer who intentionally plays below his/her ability level to deceive his/her opponents about his skill level in order to gain an advantage in a golf competition.

sand trap-- Also known as a bunker, an area on a golf course filled with sand that is intended to catch and hold errant golf shots.

sand wedge-- A highly lofted iron that is primarily used to hit out of sand traps or to execute very short golf shots.

sandy-- Slang for making a par after being in a sand trap.

scoop-- A type of swing where the club travels in a scooping manner often resulting in a poor shot.

scotch foursome-- A type of golf competition in which partners alternate hitting the same ball. They also alternate teeing off on every other hole.

scramble-- A type of team golf competition in which players play the best ball hit by one of their team members after every shot.

scratch golfer-- A golfer with a zero handicap. Typically a scratch golfer should average a score of about par each round.

semi-private course-- A golf course that has members but which also allows individuals from the general public to play as well.

set of clubs-- A complete grouping of golf clubs used by a player.

set up-- A golfer's body position at address.

seven iron-- An iron that typically hits the ball 130-170 yards for a male golfer. Nicknamed a mashie-niblick.

shaft-- Elongated portion of the golf that is fastened to the clubhead on one end and to the grip on the other.

shag bag-- A bag used to carry practice golf balls.

shagging-- Retrieving golf balls hit during practice.

shank-- A golf shot which hits the club's hosel. A shank will typically travel to the right of the intended target line.

Shiperio-- A second shot attempt that may be taken without incurring a penalty stroke. Similar to a a mulligan except the golfer may select whether to play the first or second ball he hit.

short game-- Important part of a golfer's game that is comprised of pitching, chipping and putting.

short irons-- The group of irons with a large degree of loft including 8-PW.

shotgun start-- A type of golf tournament start where golfers begin play on various holes simultaneously to quicken play. A horn, starting gun, or shotgun, may be fired to signal when to start play.

shotmaker-- A golfer who is able to execute several different types of golf shots.

shotmaking-- The act of hitting a variety of different types of golf shots; especially by executing them skillfully.

side-- Used to indicate a portion of the golf course such as "the front side" (first nine holes) or the "back side" (second 9 holes).

sidehill lie-- A lie where the golf ball rests either below or above the level of your feet at address.

sink a putt-- To hit a putt into the cup.

six iron-- An iron that typically hits the ball 140-170 yards for mens. Also known as a spade or spade-mashie.

skins-- A type of golf game where money or a prize is awarded to the winner of each individual hole. If a hole is tied, the prize for that hole is "carried over" and added to the prize for the next hole until someone wins it outright.

skulling-- To mishit a golf shot by striking the top portion of the golf ball. This frequently causes the ball to be hit too hard.

sky-- A mishit golf shot in which a golfer hits too far under the ball causing it to pop up high in the air and typically travel a shorter than desired distance.

slice-- A golf shot that curves strongly from the left to the right for a right-handed player. A slice would travel from the right to the left for a left-handed golfer.

slope-- A rating calculation used to adjust your golf handicap based on the difficulty rating of a particular golf course. The average golf course should have a slope rating of 113.

slump-- An extended period of bad play.

snake-- A lengthy put that has several breaks to it.

snap-hook-- To hit a shot that curves severely to the left for a right-handed golfer. The opposite applies to a left-handed golfer.

snipe-- A hooked shot that drops quickly.

sole-- The bottom portion of the clubhead.

sole plate-- The metal plate on the bottom of some woods.

SPGA-- Acronym for Senior Professional Golf Association. The U.S. professional golf tour for golfers 50 years of age and older.

spade-mashie-- Obsolete term for a 6-iron.

spike mark-- Impression, hole or mark made on the green by the spikes on a golfer's shoes.

spoon-- Old nickname for a 3-wood.

spot putting-- Putting method in which a golfer aims at a spot on the green to hit the ball instead of the cup itself.

spray-- To hit the golf ball all over the golf course in an erratic fashion.

square stance-- A golf stance in which a golfer's feet are parallel to the intended target line.

stableford-- A scoring method that uses positive and negative points instead of strokes. The higher your score the better when using th stableford scoring method. The International golf tournament uses a modified version of the stableford scoring system.

stance-- A golfer's foot position at address.

starter-- Golf course employee (or tournament official) located near the first tee that groups players together and tells them when and where to tee off.

stick-- Short for flagstick. Also known as the pin.

stimpmetre-- A tool used to measure the speed of a green. A reading of five to six indicates a slow green, seven to eight a medium one, nine to 10 fast, and greater than 11 very fast.

stipulated round-- To play all of the holes on a golf course in order.

stony-- A shot hit close to the flagstick.

straightaway-- A golf hole with a straight fairway.

straight-faced-- A clubface with very little loft.

strike off-- To hit from the tee.

stroke-- To hit a shot. Score recorded whenever a golfer addresses a ball and makes a golf swing intending to hit the golf ball whether or not it is actually struck.

stroke play-- A type of golf competition in which the player who completes the prescribed number of holes in the fewest strokes wins.

stymie-- An old term where an opponent's ball was in another player's putting line. A term used to describe when a player's ball is positioned behind a tree, bush or some other object thereby blocking the player's preferred shot.

sudden death-- Method used to determine the winner of a golf competition in which the first player to win a hole is declared the winner.

summer rules-- Condition in which ordinary playing rules apply. Versus winter rules.

Surlyn-- A type of material used to make golf ball covers and mantles.

swale-- A small hill or depression on a golf course.

sweet spot-- The center of the clubface where the ball should be struck.

swing-- To move one's golf club with the intention of hitting a golf ball.

swing weight-- A golf club's weight.

Golf Shafts

Golf shafts are an often overlooked piece of golf equipment. Having a shaft of the proper flex, weight and length can dramatically improve a golfer's game especially for those with an especially fast or slow golf swing.

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