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Golf Terms Beginning with the Letter "W"

waggle-- Unnecessary movement of a player's club and body while addressing the ball.

water club-- Kind of old golf club that was used to hit the ball out of water.

water hole-- A golf hole in which water hazards are present such as lakes, streams and rivers.

wedge-- An iron with a large amount of lost that is used to hit the ball high and a relatively short distance typically 120 yards or less. Examples of wedges include pitching wedges and sand wedges.

whiff-- To make a golf swing and attempt to hit the ball but miss it entirely.

whins-- A British term for thick rough.

whipping-- Name for the material used to wrap the area where the clubhead and the shaft are fastened.

windcheater-- A shot intentionally played low to avoid the wind.

whippy-- A club with a flexible shaft.

winter rules-- Local rules typically in effect when the course is not in prime condition that may allow a golfer to improve his/her lie.

wood-- Type of golf club with a large clubhead typically made from wood, metal, or a composite material. Typical woods include 1-Wood (driver), 3-Wood, and 5-Wood.

wormburner-- A type of golf shot hit with a low trajectory that skims the ground.

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