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Golf Terms Beginning with the Letter "P"

pair-- A group of two golfers playing together. Also, to group players together into a group that plays together; such as, we were paired with two fellows from Scotland.

par-- The designated number of strokes for a given hole that an expert golfer should complete a hole in. Also, the designated number of total strokes an expert golfer should complete a round in. Par is typically 72 on a standard golf course.

par competition-- A golf game where play is against a fixed score for each hole. Scoring is as in match play with plus 1 if the player scores below than par, equal if he scores par and minus 1 if over than par. The player with the highest total score wins.

parkland-- A wide-open golf course with little rough.

partner-- Individual that plays golf with you. Also, in a golf match a person on your team playing in your grouping.

pawky-- An old Scottish word that means cunning.

peg-- A golf tee.

penalty stroke-- An extra stroke added to a player's score for violating one of the official rules of golf.

persimmon-- A type of wood used to construct clubheads.

PGA-- Acronym for Professional Golfers Association. The primary U.S. body that oversees professional golf events in the United States and that sanctions touring and local golf professionals.

pick up-- To "pick up" a ball while it is in play and not continue the golf hole. This can result in disqualification in stroke play, or the loss of the hole in match play. During casual play, if a player picks up his ball he typically records an agreed upon maximum score such as an 8.

pill-- Nickname for a golf ball.

pin-- The vertical shaft with a flag at the top that is inserted in the cup on a green. The pin is used to indicate the hole location. Also known as the flagstick.

pin-high-- A ball that comes to rest at the same distance from the golfer as the pin but off to the left or right slightly. Also known as "hole high".

pin placement (pin position)-- The location where the flagstick (or pin) is located on the green. Pins are typically relocated to different spots on the green each day.

pitch-- A short golf shot hit often into a green with a high trajectory and lots of spin.

pinsetter-- Individual in charge of determining where the pins should be located on the greens.

pitch and putt-- A short golf course where a player may typically use just a 9-iron or pitching wedge and a putter.

pitch and run-- A pitch shot that is intended to roll a considerable distance rather than quickly stopping.

pitching irons-- Short irons including the 8, 9 pitching and sand wedges.

pitching Niblick-- Former name for an 8-iron.

pitching wedge-- A highly lofted iron used for approach shots that can cause the ball to follow a high trajectory with great backspin.

pivot-- The turning of one's body or trunk during a golf swing.

placement-- The location and accuracy of a golfer's shots.

play-- To execute a golf swing. To engage oneself in the activity of golf.

playoff-- Extra holes or round used to determine the winner of a match that is tied after the regulation number of holes.

playing professional-- A golf pro who typically plays in pro golf tournaments on a full-time basis.

playing through-- The act of one group of golfers passing through another group of slower golfers ahead of them in order to play future holes before them.

plus handicap-- The number of strokes a golfer gives to adjust his ability to the usual level.

pop up-- A high, short hot.

pot bunker-- A small, cavernous sand trap that is difficult to hit out of.

practice green-- A green typically near the first tee of a golf course that is intended to be used for putting practice especially before a round.

preferred lie-- Local rules regarding how a golfer may improve/alter his/her lie without incurring penalty strokes.

professional-- A golfer who plays for money and/or plays golf on the professional tour.

pro-am-- A golf competition that pairs professional and amateur golfers.

pro shop-- Store at a golf club that sells golf equipment, clothing, and accessories and typically also handles tee times and other golf course business.

provisional ball-- An extra ball played if a golfer thinks that his/her previous ball went out of bounds or may be lost.

public links-- A golf course that may be played by any golfer and that does not require a club membership.

pull-- For a right-handed golfer, to hit the ball directly to the left of the target with very little curve. The opposite applies to a left-handed golfer.

punch shot-- A type of shot produced with a short swing that results in a low trajectory.

push-- For a right-handed golfer, to hit the ball directly to the right of the target with very little curve. The opposite applies to a left-handed golfer.

putt-- A short golf shot typically made on the putting green where the golf ball is struck and rolled toward the hole with a club (putter) that has an extremely flat clubface.

putt out-- To complete a golf hole by hitting one's ball into the cup.

putter-- A golf club with a straight clubface that is used to "putt" or roll the golf ball towards and into the cup on the green.

putting green-- Typically just called "the green"; the area on each golf hole that consists of the flagstick, the cup, and extremely short grass intended for putting.

Golf Putters

The putter may be the most important golf club in a golfer's bag. Up to forty percent of the shots hit by an average golfer are putts. Therefore, it is critical to have a good putter that you feel comfortable with.

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